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  • Café Espresso


    Start your morning with an extra dose of 100% Panamanian coffee! This load of caffeine will fill you with energy and help break fat cells while reactivating circulation when applied to your skin. In fact, this is what makes it such an effective natural remedy against cellulite.

    Additionally, our mix of ground coffee with sugar cleans your skin, ridding it of dead cells, while nourishing it with avocado and almond oils, honey, and vitamin E, for a truly revitalizing experience, leaving your skin fully hydrated and silky smooth.

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  • Choco Chocolate


    Are you a chocolate lover? Then this super sexy scrub loaded with chocolate and cocoa butter is perfect for you! In addition to feeding your soul and pampering your senses, chocolate is recognized as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that helps eradicate free radicals from your skin, leaving it smooth and healthy. You can even share it with your partner during a shower for a sensual and seductive experience.

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